Principal’s Message

At Stoney Creek, we strive to maintain a strong sense of school community, where students are actively engaged and feel both connected to their school and cared for by the staff and each other.  We promote leadership throughout the school and use the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as our common language.

We are a Community School, with a Community School Coordinator to reach out to families, an on-site daycare (YMCA), a youth centre, a community garden and a lunch program.

Our academic program is challenging, supplemented by ongoing structures and opportunities which help ensure that our vision of students and parents connecting to the school is implemented.

We offer a wide variety of athletic and fine arts opportunities (including sports teams, choir, dance groups, kilometer club, sewing club) and special events to provide a well-rounded extra-curricular calendar.

We offer many opportunities for students to participate in service and leadership roles, including lunch hour monitors, PA announcers, school traffic patrols, and leadership councils.

We hold monthly student-centred school Celebration of Learning assemblies. Our students lead these programs and take part in group and individual presentations that celebrate their learning.

Our Parent Community Council actively supports students, staff and community in various initiatives, not only through their positive feedback, but also through financial support. Parents have purchased  technology, sporting, and classroom equipment for our school, and help funding activities such as field trips, special events and visiting performance groups.  In recent years the council has worked extremely hard to get a new playground built.

Our Strong Start Early Learning Centre is in operation every day from 9:00 until noon for children under 5 to come with their families. We host Ready,Set,Learn events each year, and offer summer programs like Fun Rec.

We welcome parent involvement at our school. There are many opportunities for participation. If you would like information, please contact our Community Office or any member of the Parent Council executive.