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School Entry Map, Daily Health Check, School Schedule

Dear Families,

Please find attached a school map, daily health check and school schedule.

School Map – the school map indicates division, teacher name as well as where students will line up each morning as well as after recess and lunch.  You can also pick up students at the end of the day at the same location as drop off.

Updated Daily Health Check – Please ask your child these questions each morning before leaving home.  This is the same daily health check that teachers will be conducting at school.  If your child is displaying any signs and symptoms such as coughing, congestion, nasal drip, etc, as indicated on the form they should not be attending school.  Should these symptoms develop throughout the day, the school will contact you to come and pick up your child.  Should your child display any of these symptoms at school they will be removed from their class and placed in an isolation room where they are supervised until they can be picked up as per Health & Safety protocol.

School Schedule – The attached school schedule shows the staggered start and end times based on even and odd decisions as well as alternating recess and lunch times.  Please note for example, if your child starts at 8:45am their day ends at 2:45pm. And this is for even division.  Alternatively, children in odd divisions start at 9:00am and end at 3:00pm.

Creative Packs have arrived! Teachers will be sending them home on Monday unopened.  Please label and return items to the school as per the instructions from your child’s teacher.

Playground Zones – In order to help keep students physically distanced on the playground, we will be dividing the play area into 2 zones.  One Zone which is basically the wood chip area and another zone which is the gravel field.  Students will be encouraged to play in these designated areas during recess and lunch.  Monday, Wednesday,and Friday primary students will play on the wood chip area.  If you as parents could help remind your child(ren) of this schedule it would be greatly appreciated.