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Interim Ministerial Order on Reporting 2016/17

Effective this school year (2016/17), a new interim Ministerial Order on reporting has been
put in place to support the redesigned K-9 curriculum. The new Order provides districts with
guidelines on communicating student progress, as well as the flexibility needed at a more
local level to continue to move ahead with new practices in student reporting.
Boards of Education will continue to provide parents with a minimum of five reports
describing students’ school progress. Three of the reports will be formal written reports and
two informal reports. Informal reports are an important link between home and school and
can take a variety of forms such as telephone calls, student-led conferences, parent-teacher
conferences, use of journals, emails, etc. Schools and teachers determine how they will
informally communicate with parents.
The updated policy is posted on the Ministry site:
The Burnaby School District will continue to share updated information through the school
Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and the District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC).